Saturday, July 16, 2011

Course Adjustment

The first year, we followed the recommended schedule, that didn't work. the second year we blocked, Monday was math madness, that worked for Monday, but the rest of the week was awful. We are still going to block schedule, but I think we are going to do FUN things on Monday, like Science and Spelling and knock it out, and save the things that we just detest like social studies for Friday and hope that by then we will be so motivated for making progress that they will be fun.

As for organized: I went to the TEACHER section of Office Max and got hanging hourly project managers. weekly assignments for all subjects, if they are completed by the end of the week, they get the weekend off, if not, then they keep working until Sunday Night and then, done or not, I will mark off the 3% so that the ominous word "BEHIND" does not come up. because that has killed our spirit more than any other word and we just never seem to recover from one semester until the next and I would rather blow off bits and pieces over month than the entire last 10-20% of the year. I use​/ to organize each week of enrichment activities as well as class connects and it helps having a popup / SMS keep us on track

Always remember that failure is not an option. once you get that as a mantra, the rest is elementary. I have 5 children, all of which are in school at some level. two in college, one in high school, one in middle and one in elementary. I have two grand children, one will be in PreK this fall, one that is 8 months, and one on the way, due in February. everyone needs to be nurtured, managed, and fostered. my key in addition to calendar is skype, I can have a meeting with any of my kids and connect to answer questions, work through assignments, and even coach through exams when they are in college 5 states away. Project management is how we break everything down into manageable projects.