Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Court of Honor - First Class

“When are you going to cut your hair?”

“You look like a girl.”

“Excuse me, Miss?”

For 2½ years, I have had these teasing comments from friends, family and strangers about my long hair. My brothers in law are in the Marines, you should hear them. At first I let my hair grow to be different but as my hair grew, I learn about cancer. Recently Ember Hill, passed away from cancer. My Nana has cancer, her dad died from cancer, then two of his brothers, and his sister lost all her hair from chemo for cancer.

What is Pantene Beautiful Lengths? A charity organization that provides real hair wigs for girls that have lost their hair due to chemo therapy treatments for cancer.

I know that a girl with cancer going to school without hair is hard. You think people are mean to me, imagine not having any hair at all! I'm growing out my hair to donate to the organization, giving a child a chance to fit in and not be teased, stared at, or made fun of.

Teasing and name-calling have been a daily situation for me. Every time I turn around, my long hair has been causing a bit of confusion along the way. Everyone thinks I am a girl, if I am in my Boy Scout Uniform, they ask if I am selling Girl Scout Cookies. I just ignore it and smile. I can take the teasing a lot better than a girl trying to survive the fight of her life.

I don't care that they think I'm a girl. I'm helping those kids. They need my help. And just so you know, yes, I am going to do it again for my Eagle Project and I hope that more people will help me. Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are FREE of charge!! Human hair wigs can cost quite a bit of money, they distributes them to women at no cost. All it takes is 8 inches, Will you make the pledge?