Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly Lawn Cut

Weekly Lawn Cut –

  • How quickly can the lawn be mowed? The cheapest prices are given to flat, open properties on the smaller size. 
  • Any obstacles on the property? It takes longer to make stripes if there are trees, beds, and outdoor furniture all over the lawn. Also, backyards littered with toys take time to cleanup before mowing. 
  • If there is a gate, is it wide enough for a mower? Narrow gates require a smaller mower to squeeze through. Smaller mowers take longer to finish cutting. 
  • Proximity of your property to the company’s other customers or shop? Houses close together get cheaper prices, while scattered houses get higher prices. 

Avg Price of Lawn Cut - Ex: 1/8th acre = $20; 1/4th acre $40/cut.
Based on Harris County Land Office 
11,427 SF property - $35 / mow
9,705 SF property - $30 / mow
8,407 SF property - $25 / mow