Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bergenhus Fortress - Rosenkrantz Tower

We parked the car at the top of the mountain by the University i Bergen, and walked past the Johannas Kirken Cathedral church) and down the steep ice steps to the bottom, a couple blocks to the city plaza, and on down to the fisherman's wharf, and then we turned down the street walking past Bryggen buildings and the to the Vaagen waterfront.
We started walking at the top of the mountain by the University of Bergen, past the Johanneskirken or cathedral, down the enormously steep stairs of Vestre Torggaten, through the city plaza, along the Vaagen that is a famous wharf with the Bryygen row of shop that are over 1000 years old, and up the hill to the Bergenhus castle built in 1200's to explore the Rosenkrantz Tower. the long walk was 2.1 Kilometers each way. even with wool tights on under my jeans, two hoodies and a ski coat, with the temperature -11 °C I was very cold. Tomorrow it should snow.