Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Froze my butt off!


we walked all over town until my legs were so sore from the jeans rubbing them that it felt like they were bleeding. saw lots of buses, and I wanted to call a taxi to take us back home.

I got bored at the gingerbread city, but I really liked the comic book store and it was hard to choose my new cards I could have got a 100 and been real happy.

I liked the roll that we got at the bakery, it was a filled donut with coconut topping.  Magnus about freaked out when we had to pay 10Kroner ($.60) to use the toilet, that was just weird.

I was really glad to get home and take my jeans off and put on some comfy pants, we played Yu Gi Oh! by a blazing fireplace. that is how I thawed out.