Sunday, September 19, 2010

blah blah blah

my children are typical kids.

they do not want to go to B&M school

they do not want to log into TXVA and go to school

they do want to play video games online all day and read graphic novels all night.

anytime I suggest that they complete a lesson, they have some bodily function that must be attended to immediately,

I am hungry

I am thirsty

I have to go pee

I am tired

blah blah blah

no, they are not motivated, no threats do not make them do a good job

I have put restrictions on them, on their electronics, on their activities.

I even resorted to changing locations on Friday, first at the Library at a table

then at home at the table

finally after 8 hours, I gave up and let them be free.

If and when I find an answer I will take out an ad in the Washington Post or the Chicago Tribune, or the New York Times.

I did pay off the 5th grader for completing 7 hours of hard core nuclear science on Saturday with a Shonen Jump magazine yesterday.