Tuesday, September 28, 2010

k12 program suggestions

we had one start on time and one start late, because I enrolled one in May and the other in August. however we have never been told that we are behind, in hours in attendance or in progress for academics. when I work, how I work, and how much I work is entirely up to me.

I let the teacher know what I am doing, and loosely why I am doing it that way and they have been very supportive that if this is what works best for me that is perfectly acceptable.

I would double check in a live voice conversation with your teacher that it is really necessary for you to put in more than 6 hours a day 5 days a week.

as for solutions, I discovered for us, that if I read the literature during nap time (yes, my 9 year old naps occasionally) that we can talk about it rationally and I can mark it mastered that afternoon. It would be beneficial for penmanship if my child did more writing, but that is not a battle that I want to impede his progress. someone else posted that k12 recommended skipping assessments and they were confused that it would not be a good thing.

assessments are not to teach, they are to test if a theory was mastered, we do not need to take an assessment after we watch Over the Hedge to verify that the child listened to the message of eco-friendliness. the assessment take a lot of time and they only serve to check, if the parent feels that the lesson was absorbed, move on and get it done. there are lots of short cuts without short changing your child's education.

btw, we are at about 6% on some of our courses like math and social studies, but we are on day 4 of our weekend because we did work our fannies off to get this far, I am a slave driver, but I am not going to push to the point of mutiny.