Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scantron - Educational Performance Test

Before we completed the scantron for the second time I would have sworn that I had a gifted child, now I am just as sure that my child is perfectly normal, and my being here is more of a wishful thinking, and voyeurism. So be warned, I am really just a peeping tom.

I was sure that since he was so brilliant, that he had to be like really really gifted smart. A/B honor roll his whole life, and I mean every single quarter. above commendable performance on all those state mandated tests. Just brilliant I tell you, just brilliant. but the scan tron kicked his little 10 year old tush all over the house. (he tried in the school room, he retook it in the dining room. no joy.)

So instead of the nature arguement, I am going to have to put my poker chips down on the nurture and try to have him rise to the level of expectations, because otherwise he is going to be down there at Tacobell asking "do you want queso with that ma'am".

I am not so sure how I feel about giving birth to 5 normal children. I was just so sure that the first ones were brilliant (IQ of 142 and 143) but nope, they were just normal. nothing unusual, no nobel in our future.

I think he is pretty amazing, even if it is just that he was reading 8th grade books in the 3rd grade. Today he can read Twilight in Norwegian, for fun. see... there are these little sparks that keep my on the edge of the illusion, just enough to say, just wait, he will get his powers, he is a late bloomer.