Friday, September 24, 2010


my boys hang out with the kids in the neighborhood, so even though some go to public school, and some homeschool, we do not see them until after 'school' hours, but then they do run and hang out.

now backing up a bit, I remember in the dark ages before Wii and Internet, when I was a kid, we did a very strange ritual. we would go outside and play. I know, it sounds as barbaric as eating dead cows. but honestly, we did do this. would would play with the local kids in our neighborhood, they were out playing as well, getting dirty, scraping knees and possibly stepping on nails and catching virus's.

my children are free range children they are out visiting other children in the neighborhood until the street lights come on, even in this day and age. they make their own friends without my assistance in playdates and my supervision in who is sharing and who is enabling whom's (is that even a word) fragile self esteem.

now my husband will argue that I over schedule them with field trips, scouts and sport activities, but honestly, even last night, he had no idea where they were until dinner time (I knew that one was across the street with a B&M child and the other was two blocks over with a Unschooled child). But they were out there on their own making friends with the same kids that go to church nearby, that would all be in the same school if they did go to school (we have about 25% of these kids are unschooled or home schooled or charter schooled).

so it is possible that there are some kids in your neighborhood that she could locate and hang with, but I warn you, the cell minutes might start adding up :-) and oh do not get me started on the texting thumbs. (DS#1 had 612 text's this month)